Frosted window vinyl for a premium retail fit out

Swingers is both an indoor crazy golf course and clubhouse – a true hole in one, located within a prime central London site. We were brought on board to continue the creative vibe – kitting out a wall-to-wall glass function room by installing a stained glass window manifestation using frosted vinyl.

This establishment is a secret wonderland of rooms, bars, greens and terraces in the West End, where you can pick up a club for a friendly round of putting, as well as a cocktail and even a plate of ‘street’ food, in what is an incredibly unique social experience. Based on a 1920’s bucolic English countryside theme, the venue is naturally decorated with warm string lights and lush green planting, and completed with helter skelter and ferris wheel.

After initial discussions with Monika from Zachary Pulman Designers who were in charge of the project, we were given an elegant pastel palette that matched the Swingers branding and asked to show how we’d replicate the ornamental look of traditional leaded windows, without having to swap out the beautiful metal window frames already installed.

We created printed samples of colours on frosted vinyl and pieced each rectangular pane together, helping the client visualise their idea as a reality: a stunning Art Deco style mosaic of translucent panels that would connect a private hire area, called the President’s Committee Room, to the neighbouring Sun Room and Palm Lounge.

Midway through, the job was handed over to an events company specialising in the cultural and creative sector, Superglue, and founder Jane settled on a simple pattern that repeats until it converges in a point of interest over the central doorway of the focus wall.

Next up we headed on site to check the dimensions of the feature area and set about scaling up the artwork. Restricted by the venue’s opening hours, we put the window vinyl up between 11pm and 11am on a Sunday night in a pretty stealthy installation, if we do say so ourselves! The final effect is a mural like manifestation that radiates warm hues across the room, and thanks to the frosted appearance of the vinyl, diffuses a soft kaleidoscopic glow across what is now an incredibly cosy, celestial space.