The Space UK offers unique workspaces, built with style and simplicity in mind. They’ve got some great London locations, but more importantly, they’ve got some even greater interior surroundings, some of which we’ve had the pleasure of working with them on. We met with co-owner, Corina, to come up with bespoke manifestations for a meeting room at what was at the time, the recently opened Aldgate site, and she requested we use their newly fitted cage lamp shades as the basis and blueprint for this design brief. The result was a unique brushed copper vinyl, fashioned into a triangular line pattern that provided privacy without blocking out any natural light.

We followed the same vein a few months later for the company’s big Regent Street opening, but upped the ante on the classy yet contemporary look-and-feel with a beautiful matte gold vinyl. After all, this branch does find itself fronted by a grand entrance and perched at the top of a period building, located on one of the City’s most famous shopping streets at the commercial heart of the West End.

This time around our remit covered more than providing privacy for meeting rooms, it involved using a stunning chevron motif to help control the flow of space and create distinguished areas. Following a flexible layout of offices, meeting rooms and phone booths, break out areas, lounges and kitchens, and terraces – we think the venue does an amazing job of balancing work, rest and play.

We went 580mm deep with our strips of chevrons at the Regent Street branch and ran them horizontally – sweeping a subtle curtain of privacy across the entire workplace, and drawing the eye to the lines throughout, giving a greater impression of space. For those wanting more seclusion, we backed the strips with frosting, deciding not to compromise on the design. We then simply thinned it down for those parts where open visibility took priority, such as entrance doors, or where mandatory manifestation markers were required just to indicate the presence of sheet glass. The adaptability of a repetitive V pattern the bespoke manifestations were a real perk, and we loved setting off The Space with glowing metallic hues – creating both a warm, homely tone and a professional atmosphere.