Making changes to work greener

Making changes to work greener

We’ve had our own Environmental Policy in place since we got Exor accreditation back in 2005 and we’re happy to send you a copy of this. Since that time, we’ve made lots of progress with our approach to environment in our day to day work. There are small things like turning off lights and waste paper and card recycling with the help of Paper Round. And wherever possible, we use suppliers who are happy to take away any packaging when they make deliveries to us.

We’ve made some bigger changes too, like switching our large format printers for our Latex models that use water-based inks rather than solvent inks. This has helped to make our studio a fresher, cleaner place to work as well as helping the environment.

Travelling greener too
We encourage our people to use public transport to go from project to project and to cycle to work if they can. We’ve installed bike racks and a shower and changing facilities and we’ve also adopted the Cycle to Work scheme to help our team-members to buy new bikes when they want to.

Towards a smaller footprint
Everyone in the Glyphics team, and our suppliers too, are committed to playing an active part in minimising the effect they and the business have on the environment. And it’s working. At the moment, our carbon usage stands at 0.84 CO2e for each staff member. We plan to cut this by 6% in the next 12 months and by 15% a year later.

A CNC cut and orange painted shape of a tiger printed with white cut vinyl lettering works well in this environment
A large aluminium composite printed vinyl panel on posts at London Zoo showing a picture of a penguin and welcoming visitors.
A large round orange sign made from aluminium composite placed on a fence indicates the tiger enclosure at London Zoo. Cultural signs can be bold.