GALLERY: Sign Writing For Ozone Coffee, London Fields, East London

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Glyphics' sign writers up on scaffolding, placing the stencil before creating a chalk outline and hand painting Ozone's custom sign

Longstanding return client, Ozone Coffee got back in touch enquiring about our traditional sign writing.

Three years after opening the Ozone Emma Street branch, the brand looked to give its street-facing facade a stronger presence in London Fields, and asked us to grace the green brick shopfront with a bespoke piece of hand painted wall lettering.

From the initial chalk outline to the final lick of brilliant white, here’s the process brushstroke by brushstroke:

Applying the chalk stencil for Ozone's hand painted shop front sign

Gritty yet chic, precisely formed though handmade, traditional but new – our external sign lettering echoes Ozone’s voice as a brand and brings its visual language to the fore.

A chalk outline of Ozone's lettering in the brand's own font, on the green brick facade of their London Fields shop
Where the magic of hand painting begins - the sign writer's box, covered in splashes of colour
Hand painting a wall sign in brilliant white for one of East London's best coffee shops, Ozone
Double teaming on the wall lettering for Ozone, armed with brushes in hand and mouth
Passersby look on in Haggerston, as a 10 metre long wall sign is hand painted onto one of the best coffee shops in London
Doing the facade at Ozone Emma Street - an example of the concentration face that comes with every bit of sign writing we deliver
Painter's mahl stick and brush in action for Glyphics at Ozone's London Fields shop
Working in sync on alternate letters to hand paint the facade of Ozone Emma Street, East London

Blessed with a traditional fascia framed by a bold architrave that just begged to be filled with some artisanal flair, the client now has a 10 metre wide sign, exacted in their very own font but issued by hand.

For us at Glyphics, sign writing on a busy street like this presents its own appeal – the opportunity to revel in the pressure of a bit of exhibitionism and of course, the pleasure of painting on a rough urban canvas, so we were pretty happy when Ozone decided to increase the scope of the project and asked us to add a couple extra little bits on the building’s corner and its other exterior street facing wall.

The Haggerston branch is kindred in spirit to its industrial chic siblings, though it’s not as loud about it with interiors that are much paler in tone – so for the client, the bespoke shop front wall lettering brings that vibe right to the kerb. It’s a statement sign that says ‘hey London Fields, we are here, we do coffee, and we are cool.’ Job done, who wants a brew?

Hand painted industrial 'coffee' sign
Our signwriter cleaning his brushes after a job well done
The hustle and bustle of bicycle traffic in front of our Ozone Coffee Roasters sign, hand painted in East London
Small white external lettering on a green brick wall, signposting the way to Ozone's coffee
The two dimensions of this sign writing project for Ozone London Fields - a total of three handpainted signs on different corners of the building
The completed hand painted brand sign for ozone coffee, London Fields