Glass Manifestation

Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection

Make your workspace safe, sound and slick with glass manifestation. As per building regulations, glass partitions have to be made visible with the application of a vinyl pattern, also known as glass manifestations. If designed properly, manifestations provide added privacy and playful interactions with light, giving new life to retail, leisure and commercial premises.

We see glass manifestation as a smart design feature, offering an added opportunity to reinforce corporate branding and create a stimulating work environment – as well as increase window and glass awareness. At Glyphics, office manifestations come in a range of opaque and translucent colours, as well as different degrees of density falling largely into three groups – frosted, dusted or crystal – so they not only comply with safety guidelines, but work around your style needs too.

Stock Patterns

Incorporating features that make internal windows or panes of glass visible is a building regulation, and manifestations are particularly great at helping reduce dangerous impacts with glazing, which is a pretty real risk in a polished office space where glass is often the material of choice for meeting rooms.

To avoid turning blind spots into sore spots, we’ve used our experience of what works best and the given height recommendations to put together some stock graphics for easy referencing when you contact us. These are our most loved, but we’re also happy to start from scratch and create something bespoke just for you.


What are the regulations for office manifestation?

This graphic explains the specifications of Type K Building Regulations 2010 as we understand it – it details the coverage required on the window panes of glass rooms with doors, and also tells you what size your graphics should be. Contact us if you have any further questions regarding the rules for glass manifestations for offices and indoor spaces.

What are my options in terms of design?
We can offer standard frosted strips, dots, blocks or bespoke designs. We think simple indicators are usually best, but you can be as decorative as you want, using your logo as a repeat pattern, or choosing a tall band of film to increase privacy in the room. Whatever your choice, the most important factor is that you install a high contrast window graphic that can be seen in all light conditions and draws the eye.

Can any colour be added to the frosting?
Yes, we can print designs onto the frosting – these will still have a level of transparency but offer additional pop to your window panes.

Is it best to apply the vinyl to the face or reverse of the glass?
In an internal office we usually apply to the reverse of the glass, this usually depends upon access. One thing to consider is if your window manifestation will be in a high traffic area where it could be damaged by furniture or deliveries being moved.

How should I clean glass with manifestation film applied to it?
We recommend leaving the film to adhere properly for a few days and then it will be fine to be wipe over with a damp cloth and soapy water. Never use a dry cloth or yellow lint duster as the fine fibres stick to the cut edge of the vinyl where they may be adhesive and it may eventually start to lift.

Can window film patterns be cut in any tint or colour of vinyl?
Yes, we carry a wide range of different self-adhesive vinyls in transparent, translucent or opaque colours and frosted effects, and if you wanted to use one of our patterns on a solid wall for continuation this also would be possible.

If I want a high degree of privacy what would be a better option?
The lighter and whiter in colour your frosted manifestation is, the more clearly visible you will be from the outside when you move close to it. Darker, greyer looking types of frosted film make it harder to see through all round and tend to keep your image blurred to the outside world.

Can I completely cover the windows of my internal meeting room or office for privacy?
One of the requirements of the Building Regulations is that an internal room has a clear vision panel of no less than 0.1m in the door or wall so there is no danger to the occupants in the event of an unnoticed fire outside of that room – unless you have an automatic fire detection system which is audible within this room. It’s also helpful to be able to peek in and look for feet, allowing you to check if the room is occupied without having to open the door and disturb the people inside. Also, people may like the reassurance of others being able to see in to the room for safety and to feel part of what is happening outside.

Can the manifestation be removed if we have to move or change the use of the room?
Yes, any film applied to the glass should be fairly easily removable. If the film has been on the glass for a long time, especially on exterior facing glazing, the exposure to UV will cause the film and the adhesive to become harder. This means it may have to be removed with scrapers and adhesive remover, but yep, it will come off.