Made up of a team of foreign exchange and technology experts, Centtrip has set out to build an unrivalled global multi-currency account, specialising in FX, payments and banking. They offer private clients and businesses an intuitive and simple solution. They came to us with a design brief of a similar description and we created a series of matt black manifestations.

“We remembered that in our old office we had this tiny, tiny plaque – no bigger than maybe 20cm by 5cm – did some digging and discovered it was from Glyphics just around the corner,” recalls Centtrip’s Art Director, Tara Blackmore. “The moment I went to the Glyphics studios, I was sold. They’re creative – they’re not just a printer house of vinyls – they felt cooler, and I liked the way they’d help you and say ‘maybe you could do this, or do that.’”

Now housed in one of WeWork’s beautiful shared working spaces, Centtrip joined heads with us, and together we utilised multiple styles of black and white manifestations to transform a primarily glass office into a true reflection of company values.

“With Glyphics, it is more like a friendship, than a business relationship - once I came in on a Wednesday saying I have a deadline I can't move for Friday, and they were hesitant at first but wanted to help. In the end they looked at their schedule and pulled out all the stops to deliver it in the evening. They went over and above.”
Tara, Art Director

We applied matt black vinyl to the back of a glass panel next to the front entrance and then embossed the face of it with glossy white acrylic letters, injecting a sense of classy simplicity from the outset. There’s also a cosy glass room that was reverse printed with a wave shaped vinyl graphic to give a high gloss finish to those outside, and backed in white to keep it light and airy for those inside. Last but not least is a central meeting room – it often witnesses the sharing of sensitive client data but is surrounded by three glass walls, so we installed manifestations here mainly for the purpose of privacy, applying black fog vinyl to all sides using a strategic triangular design to both block out any potential prying eyes and let in light.