Line-engraved aluminium numbers

Interchange comprises three buildings housing a community of entrepreneurs and creative startups, offering impressive views of Camden, Tom Dixon interiors and an onsite gym and restaurant. The network of coworking spaces brought Glyphics on board to develop, build and install all of their signage, working closely with their design team to come up with a look and feel that reflects their industrial yet contemporary, clean branding. One of our favourite parts of the project is the plaques that have been superimposed with extra-thick, line-engraved unit numbers, powder-coated with metallic colours and made with 10mm aluminium instead of 3mm, because chunky is the new black.

The wayfinding plaques are sized 360mm x 200mm. Each aluminium panel is 5mm thick, with bevelled edges all around to half the thickness of the material, with one ‘V-engraved’ line running horizontally across the face. There’s also a small hexagonal Interchange logo in the bottom left corner that’s been engraved to look like it’s stamped on, as well as tenant names applied in gold vinyl lettering. The numbers are 10mm aluminium that have precision cnc engraved grooves to the face that have then been painted over gold for a visually stunning detail.