Right up your alley

Mews of Mayfair is a hidden stretch of sophisticated eateries and bars, clustered along the width and breadth of a narrow cobbled esplanade, and spread across four floors.

Tucked away in one of the West End of London’s historic courtyards, where two stable buildings would once have stood, this conversion is a delightfully romantic alfresco setting for lovers and food lovers alike.

We most definitely are the latter, so we were wrapped when Operations Manager, Gavin Hovingh, got in touch after a visit to the Glyphics website, and asked us to come and spec out one of London’s best-kept secrets.

Gavin had been tasked with implementing a successful marketing strategy and overseeing the development of all the bistros and speakeasies under the Mews umbrella. After consultation, he came to us with a classic design for building signs that would unify the brand and visually tie each distinct area of this quaint little terrace together.

With the client looking for fast turnaround times and signage that would be able to withstand being open to the elements, we quickly and carefully put together a curated collection of weatherproof shop signage that would protrude overhead and be visible from each end of the street. These were paired with matching vinyl graphics for the street-facing windows and an open-air handpainted sign for the pizza zone.

There were also some outdoor wayfinding signs and indoor wall graphics to complete the project, but the master stroke is definitely the simplicity of those external building signs – six elegant double-sided square projecting signs overlooking the bustling courtyard, symmetrically fitted with three on each side of the alleyway, peaking out one after the other to pique the curiosity of passers-by.

By coating the trays of the projecting signs in a specified hue, we were able to colour code each quarter of the restaurant, making it easy for people to pick out the alcove they want to dine in, as Gavin requested.

But! What we really love is that all the awnings are coherent in style and celebrate the space as a whole – as a set, they bask in the sunlight that pours gloriously into the passage, creating a delicious ambience and setting the scene for this little slice of gourmet heaven.