Show and Tell

When school’s out, vinyl wallpaper’s in. We made the most of empty corridors during the half term holidays to fit out this educational establishment in Enfield.

Celeste Fay the Headteacher of the school approached us after seeing our work at her old school, Quintin Kynaston, where she was impressed with the graphics and signage we’d produced for them.

Off the back of that, her brief for us was short but sweet – facilitate a friendly, creative and peaceful environment in the main reception through bespoke graphic design, and brighten up the hallways with wall and window graphics. This was one of those instances where we’d  been asked to design around a feeling or an essence, and we were happy to take on that challenge and actualise it.

First off, our designers kitted out the two floor-to-ceiling windows fronting the school’s entrance: on the left is the school’s tree emblem, and on the right is a glossy word cloud of greetings, displaying ‘welcome’ in multiple languages to mirror the diversity of the school.

Both of these beautiful full colour graphics were reverse printed onto an ultra clear self-adhesive vinyl; a seamless material that we love because once applied to a glass panel, it’s just impossible to distinguish, resulting in a polished finish and a very refined first impression.

With the sensory nature of the brief in mind, we decided to make the main reception a much more visual experience, creating a full colour inkjet laminate of woodland, covered in a flurry of auburn leaves and backed by on an expanse of exhilarating lime green, to give those spicy autumn tones some real pop.

Our production team printed it across multiple Standard Avery vinyl rolls, which were pieced together on site by our fitters to generate an epic full width wall graphic – and to truly drive the ambience home, this design was also carried through on some of the window panels.

The final product is a wow-factor transformation that provides just the right energy for when the kids come flooding back through those school doors.