Double sided illuminated projecting sign

Popular coffee roaster, Ozone, has grown from a small café in a provincial New Zealand surf town to the staple wholesale and subscription supplier of caffeine for coffee lovers the world over. Their second shop is in Old Street, down the road from us, and it’s a glorious beacon of industrial themed interior design. The co-owners James and Lizzie Gurr decided to bring a bit of what’s indoors, outdoors, and asked us to fabricate a lightbox for the facade from the same frosted safety wire glass that features inside the store. There’s a switch to turn the sign on and off, but so far we’ve never seen it without that warm glow, bringing Ozone’s vibe right out onto the street. In terms of the build, it’s cute because it has absolutely no joins – and it’s a small hit on the old instagram too. Check it out here and there.

520mm x 480mm x 180mm rim and return structure, powder coated in aluminium and built around 7mm frosted safety wire glass that’s been branded with a vinyl graphic. Internal LEDs are designed to diffuse light evenly across the Ozone logo, creating a sleek illuminated lightbox.