Upping The Game

Upping The Game

Brushed stainless steel luxury logo

The London Studio of Sony’s PlayStation are of course the creators of games, but with a focus on cutting edge tech such as VR worlds. They wanted to bring their HQ up to those standards with a luxury custom logo sign, so we triple teamed with their ops managers, Tara Saunders and Annie Claire, and set about finding a statement piece.

After a visit to the office to talk things through, we specced out which size would work best according to the placement of the sign – which in this case was destined for the wall directly opposite the lifts in the main corridor. We recommended something long and relatively narrow to mirror the space, and eventually recommended a reflective finish too.

Having invited them to visit the Glyphics studio in Shoreditch, PlayStation originally showed interest in illuminated lettering, but exposed wiring just wouldn’t suit the high end look they were after and their caveat that we couldn’t put wiring into the walls made the idea unfeasible in the end.

So with the limitations of the brief in mind, we showed them some samples of equally premium quality, and as a result, PlayStation has a shiny new sign, literally!

Its halls are now decked with a 30mm deep custom logo sign, faced with 316 grade brushed stainless steel that scintillates under the spotlights. The rear sides of the sign are half white and half black, adding a polished monochrome element that runs across all 2000mm of it. Giving attention to the little details has truly levelled up the space, as well as our creative relationship with PlayStation, who are currently working on an intricate wall graphic, so stay plugged in for more…

“WE LOVE OUR SIGN! Thank you so much for all your help in getting it sorted for us.”
Annie Clare, PlayStation London, Studio Coordinator