Rubies in the Rubble

Awesome Sauce

Vinyl branding for B2B

Fruit and veg have a raw deal in more ways than one. To get from farm to being one of your five a day they need to beat the odds of an aesthetic criteria, over-forecasted demand and inefficiencies in storing and distribution once they are on route. We’ve heard about household and supermarket waste, but some produce is discarded before it even leaves the field it was grown in.

What the fork? Why? Because they simply won’t make the cut, for being too wonky, too gnarly, too big, too small, too ripe or even too abundant if you can believe it – yes sometimes, the harvest is bigger than the demand.

Rubies in the Rubble is the brand that embraces these juicy gems, turning surplus ingredients into condiments that people love to taste and trust for making the world a less wasteful place. Beyond the consumer market, its focus is on selling bulk format ketchup and plant based mayo to pubs and restaurants – and that’s where Glyphics comes in.

Lucy, who works on the business’ outreach and growth, contacted us in May 2019, just before Rubies first rolled out its B2B product: their awesome sauces, stored in pumps for easy dispensing in retail settings. With marketing in mind, the client scoped signmakers for vinyl prints to wrap the dispensers in their unique branding, and found us.

The company’s graphic design has a euphoric, psychedelic flavour to it, thanks to the use of bold colourful patterns, made up of flat illustrations that turn fruit and veg into fun icons – destiny we say, because they’ve always been that to us. Ensuring their digital palette would deliver the same level of pop in print, we offered quality and a quick turnaround of twelve wraparounds as a test run, to be displayed at various pop-ups around London.

We loved the ethos of the company and with the artwork delivered to us just a week before the debut, we rose to the challenge of an imminent deadline, with the guys here at Glyphics doing the manual labour of producing the prints, affixing the fruity branding to the pump boxes and delivering the finished product back to the warehouse.

Gratefully, that short run of work developed into weekly orders of much larger quantities as the company expanded rapidly, and since then, the brief and the relationship have grown sweeter, with Rubies giving us new projects to dip into along the way.