Strong Roots

In good taste

In good taste

Wall vinyls and luxury illuminated logo

Samuel Dennigan came to see us in search of an illuminated logo for the lush offices of his innovative frozen vegetables company. Having grown up around the family business of agriculture, Sam shares his strong roots to the land with quality food products that fit in with today’s fast paced lifestyle; supplying supermarkets with premium frozen vegetables for the more adventurous, time-poor and health-conscious consumer.

The company is all about positive environmental choices, positive eating choices, and naturally, positive design choices. It was of course imperative to create an interior that streamlined with the brand and, with the office based in the creative hub of Shoreditch, to make it in vogue too. Sam got in touch with us and we popped over to discuss ways in which we could take Strong Roots’ new space from kale to cool.

First off, we set about compartmentalising the workspace with strategic signage design and placement. We complemented the internal vertical wall gardens, dangling vines and lush foliage by wrapping ‘Welcome To The Canopy’ around the very top of the three walls in matt black vinyl lettering. Just under 33 feet wide, the feature crowns the space, completes the overgrown, green theme and creates a more casual area to work in.

Next up, we had a lot of fun devising a playful surround for the commercial freezer in the welcome area. We made a frame out of matt lamination, 3240 mm in width and 2540mm in height for the closest fit, and printed it with colour inkjet graphics, fashioned after Strong Roots’ packaging. With the border installed, the display resembled a giant packet of veg straight off of the brand’s own shelves. Befitting in more ways than one!

Last but not least, Sam came to our studio and hand picked a luxury acrylic sample to use as the material for the main office sign. He wanted to recreate the circular Strong Roots logo, so we put together a 1200mm diameter 3D illuminated crest, and later integrated a dimmer to give the client brightness control.

A jet black panel provides the backdrop, perfectly in contrast with the cool white of the face-lit text on top. Installed in pride of place in the centre of a glass meeting room at the heart of the Strong Roots office, this sign truly is a beaming pièce de résistance.