The Hackett Group

Over The Moon

Acrylic Logo Build and Glass Manifestation Design

The Hackett Group is a global consultancy and so we found ourselves getting down to business to create office glass manifestation at their UK base in the bustling City of London.

They originally called us in to create an elegant implementation of their reception logo, making the journey from the industrial-chic lobby downstairs to their own welcome area seamless. Our relationship with the client took a smooth trajectory as well, transitioning from one job to another…

After carrying out a recce of their reception, we suggested a wall-width implementation of the logo in high gloss acrylic lettering, with their tagline ‘World Class Defined and Enabled’ fixed flat against the wall. In contrast, we recommended projecting the business name slightly off the wall, set on studs and spacers for maximum effect.

Janice, Marketing Manager, came to visit our studio and see our samples, and we were happy to see she was taken by our ideas. The result is an office sign that takes advantage of the area’s lighting and gives out beautiful drop shadows, catching the eye as you walk by.

The client was really happy with the end product too, and went out of their way to mention our customer service, and entrusted us with a full corporate kit out with a fun, ‘out-of-this-world’ twist. The Hackett Group strives to launch the performance of its clients into another orbit, and they wanted to share this message through a visual representation for the internal window panels of their offices.

They came up with a ‘space junk’ design for their meeting rooms and asked us to use these to funk up the glass exteriors with frosted office glass manifestation. Graphic representations of the globe, spacecrafts, robots, pie charts and lightbulbs depict the inner workings of an analyst’s mind, complete with the name of each meeting room, christened after NASA rockets of course!

Our biggest challenge was to find a way to make the names of the meeting rooms visible only from the outside. After some careful consideration, we offered to back the text with block-out vinyl in the shape of clouds, as a way to hide the text from those sitting inside and as a solution that slots in perfectly with the design theme, and we are happy to report, the client was over the moon.

We set about producing and installing wall-to-wall window manifestations for the meeting rooms, and implemented them within two days, and also provided The Hackett Group with a few acrylic plaques to match the original logo we’d made earlier.