Embed your brand’s identity on your work space. Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, your company signs are a vital component of any successful organisation: alerting the outside world to your presence, ensuring people know where to go, and if done right, leaving a strong impression on both employees and clientele. We are a specialist office sign company and we pride ourselves on paying attention to these little details, and helping you send out the right message.

    With creativity and technology behind us, Glyphics enables you to make a visual statement that beautifully represents your company’s individuality. We design and deliver to your objectives, working to the size of your premises. We create a range of aesthetics and work together with you on artwork and typography to establish a style, ensuring the perfect finish with our expertise in fabrication, lighting and installation.

    Superb work on our new sign. As a team you were amazing.

    Ben, Workspace, London

    Can I say that you and the guys have been exceptional. I want to thank everyone involved and can’t wait to work with you guys on the next project!

    Lucie, Philcox Gray & Co, London