3D Lettering

Another Dimension

Put some pow into your brand with our carefully crafted 3D lettering. Whether you’re looking for freestanding letters, signage letters or shapes that’ll leap off the walls, we’ll give clout to your logo. Made from robust materials such as metal, wood or acrylic, 3D lettering signs can be cut out of flat sheets of material that come in various thicknesses, or built up into a hollow, lightweight finish that allows for extra depth and the installation of lights.

From personalisation and technical design, all the way through to fabrication and fitting – we’ve created and put up hundreds of 3D lettering signs across London. We’ll take you through the parameters you need to consider, creating custom 3D signage that works for you and your location. Add dynamism with different layers of typography, build in LEDs for extra gravitas, or play around with shadows – each dimension offers another possibility for expression.

Reception 3D letters displaying the company logo and company name in large white build up letters fixed on a royal blue wall
Large bright orange logo fixed high on a light grey wall fitted by Glyphics, the Shoreditch sign company
Weather beaten outdoor signage made of plywood 3D letters fixed on a rustic wooden post at ZSL London Zoo, another example of Glyphics unique outdoor signs
0 and 4 white 3D numbers affixed to a black wall
A gold G with geometric grooves affixed to a brilliant black background
Gold 3D letters spelling the building name and affixed on a black facade

That's deep

Discover the what’s what of 3D signs with our lookbook of ampersands. Personally, we love how three dimensional lettering, logos and graphics pop off the walls and create shadow play, and we offer a huge range of variations at Glyphics. It can be hard to pick a favourite at times, so this style guide is to help you figure out what works best for your brand and get to the depths of your creativity.

The catalogue shows examples of what can be achieved. It covers colour, finish, material and type of 3D signage – be it built up letters, raised flat letters, projecting signs or LED illuminated signs.