Hand Painted



Traditional signmaking is in our bones so we’ll happily take up our brushes to create authentic, hand painted signs. When it comes to paint, the capacity for expressionism is immense, injecting character into typography and imagery on any surface. Each stroke captures the human touch – immediately associating heritage, culture and colour with your brand.

Our expertise in craft techniques includes gold leafing, stone carving and wood carving, and we’ve spent years mastering typeface, signwriting and calligraphy. Whether you’re looking for an A board or a wall mural, we’ll blend our eye for design with quality workmanship and good old fashioned attention to detail.

Showing an artist's hand at work painting letters on a wall
Giant letters in black and blue painted on a white wall
Colours on brush and pots in Glyphics sign writer studios
Paint brushes used by Glyphics sign writers
A close up picture of a blue paint pot used by sign makers

Signmakers since 1985, it was only natural we chose a vintage sign using traditional artisanal techniques to add some kerbside appeal to our Shoreditch shop front. We filmed the full process of sign writing, hand painting and applying gold leaf to a fixed pane of glass, capturing the magic in motion and dishing out some handy tips for the most curious among you.