What really gets us going at Glyphics is designing journeys. Aside from the practical creativity that goes into producing wayfinding signs, there’s a real art to imagining how our signs will serve the environment they’re destined for, and the people that will walk it. We’ve spent the last twenty years cracking the code for companies and establishing customised orientation systems.

We understand how important it is that directional signage and tenant boards offer clear, concise and consistent visual communication. Teaming up with architects, construction companies, design groups and interior designers, we develop strategies and install building signage for a range of different sites. No matter how simple or complex, we’ll work together with you to find the best way around your offices, mapping out a blueprint and making a beautifully flowing space.

Photo showing yellow vinyl lettering showing the way to the lifts.
A picture of a metal plaque with a floor plan of an office against a white background
Cut vinyl door numbers on a black office door
Photograph of a floor plan in preparation of a wayfinding signage system
Photo of a door with vinyl lettering
Yellow vinyl cut-out silhouettes of a man and a woman standing side by side and affixed to a dark grey door.
Picture of an orange, white and grey lettering braille wayfinding sign for a meeting room called Lionel Richtea at Easy London offices
Picture of a grey door with yellow vinyl lettering
picture of a gold cut out graphics of a bicycle on a white wall
Gold letters on a black meeting room door